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Cottagecore Scheme: Blue and Green

Cottagecore has exploded on the Insta scene, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere! I think it's because we have all spent so much time at home, we want to feel cossetted, cosy and safe. I think cottagecore offers that - it's roots in bucolic, traditional country style feels safe and comforting, with the additional of brighter modern colours, painterly florals and a focus on craft.

This is my interpretation of a cottagecore scheme, with a modern blue and green colour palette. What do you think?

Top row from left: Marigold Blue on Natural linen by Molly Mahon; Garden and Blue Verditer paint by Little Greene; Green Summer Flower Salad Bowl from Penny Morrison.

Middle row from left: Anni Check in Field by Imogen Heath; Buti Blue on Cotton by Molly Mahon; Tropical Olive Throw by Bonnie & Neil; Alvina cabinet from La Redoute.

Bottom row from left: Green Wicker Lampshade by Fermoie; Pumpkin lamp by Porta Romana; Bobbin side table by Chelsea Textiles in collaboration with Turner Pocock; Pudding sofa by Loaf; Origin Jute Rug from La Redoute.

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